Computer Diagnostic/Repair
- If you’re having trouble with your computer system help is only a phone call away. Often times we are available the same day and can usually fix the worst hardware problems in under 24 hours so you can get back to business with the least amount of interruptions.

Hardware Upgrades - We handle all hardware upgrades to your PC systems including desktops and servers. Find out if an inexpensive upgrade to your existing computers can give your business a boost.

Maintenance Contracts - Keep your PC's running in tip top shape. A maintenance contract from ComputerJoes ensures that if you experience a hardware failure you will not incur the expenses of replacing the hardware or the labor costs associated with the replacement item.

Custom Systems - The perfect combination of performance and price. Custom systems from ComputerJoes contain reliable state of the art components, are warranted against defects for one year and include delivery/setup for the same price you would expect to pay for the system by itself. Reliable desktops start as low as $425.

Virtual Private Networks - A virtual private network can allow employees to access your LAN securely over the Internet. Find out how individuals working for your company at home, traveling abroad or sitting in front of a terminal in a remote office can have instant access to information stored on your companies servers.

Network Maintenance Contracts - With a network maintenance contract from ComputerJoes you can outsource your network ... we will troubleshoot and fix any workstations that experience difficulties, maintain your network and add/delete/edit users security permissions for one low monthly rate.

Network Design/Deployment - If you’re looking to set up a Windows NT network then give our consultants a call. We can provide a free quote detailing the different options you have when deploying your network. ComputerJoes can create a cost effective solution to fit nearly any budget.